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Chris Irby

Dallas, Texas
I am a straight white male of indeterminate age. I'm an Aries and a recovering Baptist. By national standards, I'm moderate in my politics, but by Texas standards I'm somewhere to the left of Lenin. I have a certain boyish charm that makes me irresistible to children, pets, and old people. I've grown indifferent towards the night life, and I no longer care to boogie. I'm currently dating a hot nerd girl, and nerd love is the purest and most wholesome kind of love there is. I have yet to publish my novel or short stories, but Pocket Sandwich Theatre has performed a number of my plays, so I've got that going for me. I am not now, nor have I ever been, "emo." I have a singing voice that resembles the wailing of damned souls. I am the walrus, kookoo katchoo. I shot the sheriff. But, and I'd like to make this perfectly clear, I did *not* shoot the deputy. I once divided by zero. I used to think I had no discernible Texas accent, but a recent visit to Canada made me realize that I actually sound like goddamn Jethro. I believe the children are the future. And my hobbies include writing slash furry Star Trek fan fiction and sitting on the toilet until my legs fall asleep.