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maria quiban

Executive Producer/Host
Los Angeles, California
Did you know that women, especially moms, are really into technology? They spend a lot of money on buying cool geeky gadgets that guys think only THEY know about. In fact, women spend MORE money on computers, big screen TVs, and games than men. Some even prefer an HDTV over a 1 carat diamond ring! (well…ok, maybe not)

But here’s the deal, as one of the many mommies out there who love to talk tech– I found that there are so few websites that speak our language when it comes to consumer electronics and the world of the web. There’s a ton of sites out there for the tech savvy, but they are so boring and dull. They were built with the stereotypical IT nerd in mind and no one else.

So, a bunch of really cute geeks and I started this site to bring the coolest, sexiest and most practical information out there… all on one hip website. Here you can find the latest must-have gadgets, the latest news and information for technology news, the best websites to bookmark, plus fashion and entertainment too. So in short, this site is not just for moms, but for all tech savvy citizens.